Castle Bruce Health Team Hosts Chikungunya Session

Students during Chikungunya session

Students during Chikungunya session

“Small bite big threats” was the theme during a continued effort by the Castle Bruce Health Team (CBHT), to combat the Chikungunya virus.

The team recently conducted a comprehensive community session with a view to take the discussion on Chikungunya to the villagers.

The team lead by Environmental Health Officer (EHO) Jermal Mingo of the CBHT, collaborated with the rest of the Environmental Health Team, National Pest and Termite Control, the district schools and the Castle Bruce Village Council.

Teachers and students from the  San Sauveur, Mahaut River and Castle Bruce Primary School were addressed  by District Medical Officer, Dr Velda Wade, EHO Mingo, Chair Person of the Castle Bruce Village Council Miss Angelina Gasper and EHO Clara Charles, who called on all present to help in the prevention of Chikungunya.

Prevention was high on agenda as echoed by,Dr Wade who talked about the ills of the long term effects of the Chikungunya Virus.

Concern was also raised about the absenteeism from school and work due to Chikungunya.

There were also interactive sessions conducted by Mr Mingo and his team through easy to learn demonstrations about the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito, which spreads the Chikungunya Virus and how these mosquitoes can be controlled.

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