Castle Bruce Residents Urged to Participate in a Resurrection of Love

footageIn an effort to resurrect love for each other, a community social evening has been scheduled for Sunday March 31st 2013.

This event is entitled: “Castle Bruce –A Resurrection of Love” to coincide with the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

One of the organizers of the event Ms. Marian Jno-Finn says this is a perfect way to celebrate the love and honour our Lord and Saviour.

Ms. Jno-Finn stated the church and leaders in the community have given their full support, to the event while various groups are busy practicing.

There will be poetry recited by Mr. Ali “Ash” Defoe and his niece Ms. Rachel Ulysses.

Ms. Jno-Finn pointed out that the Village Council and the Parliamentary Representative Mr. Johnson Drigo, have given the organizers their full blessings and joined their effort in making this event one to be remembered, but most importantly, one which will resurrect love among all.

Ms. Jno-Finn says when one has love in their heart, we can all witness the essence and truth of life but if there is no love, we will always be at war with each other.

She said for us to move forward as a country, we need to transform negative talk to positive action.


One of the organizers of the event, Ms. Marian Jno-Finn

Ms. Jno-Finn went on to say “A Resurrection of Love” and all other projects they are planning are all in the effort of reviving the community, so it is important that all residents show their support by attending in large numbers.

Last year the “Castle Bruce – Let’s Talk” was held at the community primary school.

At that event villagers voiced their opinion about matters of concern to them and suggested ways of addressing some of them.

However Easter Sunday’s event is to compliment that which started at the community conversation last year.

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