Castle Bruce to Host Panel Discussion on Matters Concerning Villagers


Co-organizer of the panel discussion , Ms. Maryann Jno-Finn

Issues affecting the villagers of Castle Bruce will be on the front burner on Saturday December 15th, as a panel discussion titled “Castle Bruce Let’s Talk, a Community Conversation” has been organized.

Co-organizer of the panel discussion which will be at the Castle Bruce Primary School from 5 p.m., Ms. Maryann Jno-Finn, says this came about as there is a need to get people back together.

She said the community needs to be talking, working and cooperating with each other like they once were.

Ms. Jno-Finn says they held previous discussions which were successful whilst stating that these discussions are neither political nor religious.

It is open to all.

She said discussions such as these are intended to strengthen the work of the village council and the parliamentary representative, to make life easier for both parties.

Ms. Jno-Finn also pointed out that these discussions are necessary in order for the community to find a place of togetherness.

This will also encourage the villagers to work together for the good of their community.


Co-organizer of the panel discussion , Ms. Maryann Jno-Finn

She said the young men especially need to attend this discussion to contribute their opinions and to learn what is going on in their community.

The co-organizer of the discussion says it is her hope that there will be a spirit of unity, respect and positive attitudes where people will care and love each other.

She hopes it will also instill a self-help attitude where people will go out and do things for themselves, rather than waiting on the parliamentary representative or the Government to do what they can do for themselves.

Ms. Jno-Finn went on to highlight some of the plans the village has in store for 2013.

Ms. Jno-Finn wants the Castle Bruce villagers to become self-reliant and inter-dependent.










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