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Najacki Thomas of Trafalgar Bail Denied

Najacki Thomas of Trafalgar, was taken into custody by police officers, when 7,000 grams of cocaine was found in his possession on Sunday December 9th in Massacre. He will have to wait for January 3rd 2013, before another application for his bail can be made. ...

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Forester Peter may be Sentenced to 13 Months Imprisonment

23 year old Wesley Forester Peter of Scotts Head, will have to come up with $1800 before March 31st 2013, to avoid being sentenced to prison for 6 months, after pleading guilty to possession of cannabis. He also has to raise a sum of $2700 before May 31st 2013 or will be sentenced to 7 months imprisonment as he pled guilty to possession of cannabis with intent to supply. According to the facts of the case o ...

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Julien Thomas Bedminister is Shot

Julien Thomas Bedminister of Zicack Portsmouth is presently a patient at the Princess Margaret Hospital, nursing a gunshot wound he sustained to his left side of his face. It was reported that Mr Julien was shot while on Rodney Street in Portsmouth about 7:45 pm on December 25, 2012. The matter is under investigations. ...

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Shooting Incident in Canefield

The police are carrying out investigations into a shooting incident which occurred about 4:35 am on December 25, 2012 in the vicinity of The Cove at Canefield. Albert Stevens and Arthur Bozel of Goodwill and Carlos Nicholas of Grand Bay are presently nursing gunshot wounds. Mr Stevens sustained wounds to his bottom and stomach, while Mr Bozel sustained wounds to his bottom and groin, and Mr Nicholas sustain ...

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Cabinet Secretary Steve Ferrol Stabbed

Cabinet Secretary Steve Ferrol who was stabbed on Friday December 21st has been admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). Mr. Ferrol was attacked while walking in the vicinity of HHV Whitchurch and Company Limited by an unknown assailant. ...

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Police Officer Charged for Possession of Prohibited Weapon

In court today, Police Constable Gerald Durand of Wesley appeared before Magistrate Evelina Baptiste. He was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon; in this case a sub-machine gun. The incident took place on September 7th 2012 in Roseau. The offense is indictable. Mr. Durand was granted bail in the sum of $75,000 with Mr. Nicholson Dodds as surety. He is to report to the Wesley Police Station every ...

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No Christmas with Daughter For Laptop Theft

One man’s action will have to wait until 2013 for a chance to spend a Christmas holiday with his daughter. Before being sentenced, Nigel Massicotte who appeared before Magistrate Candia George on the charge of theft, pleaded for leniency as it has been mant years since he last spent a Christmas outside of prison. ...

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“Christmas Behind Bars” For Dave Bedminister

One man will be spending Christmas behind bars as he was denied bail after appearing before Roseau Magistrate Candia George on Tuesday December 18th. Dave Bedminister was slapped with six serious charges following an incident which occurred in Woodford Hill on Saturday December 15th. ...

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Bernard St. John of Wesley Pleads Guilty to Theft

Bernard St. John of Wesley pleaded guilty to theft. The incident occurred between July 31st and August 13th 2012, in Hatton Garden. He admitted to stealing one vehicle battery and fifty gallons of diesel from Emile Gadakkan. Anthony’s supervisor, Mr. Roger Henry, said during the time the incident happened they were laying asphalt in the Hatton Garden area when he noticed the items missing from the store roo ...

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