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Layou Man Slapped with Three Charges

Three men from the Communities of St. Joseph and Layou appeared before Magistrate Bernard Pacquette on Tuesday August 27th,where they were slapped with three charges. Ezra Edmund, Tony King and Ezly Edmund, were all charged; unlawfully cultivating 2184 plants with a street value of  364000.00,  drug trafficking of a controlled substance with intent to supply and possession of a controlled substance namely c ...

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Campbell Residents Slapped with Four Charges

Three young men of Campbell were slapped with four charges, as they stood before Magistrate Bernard Pacquette on Monday August 26th. on August 23rd, Diane Scotland and Andy Maydar, represented by Mr. Ronald Charles and Andy Etienne represented by Mrs. Dyer, were all charged with possession of cannabis, cultivation of 4290 cannabis plants, drug trafficking of 681 grams of cannabis with intent to supply and p ...

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Drug Bust and Robbery at Petrol Station

[caption id="attachment_14212" align="alignleft" width="300"] Example of a Drug Bust[/caption] Members of the Drug Squad, Task Force and the Special Service Unit conducted two drug eradication exercises on 22nd and 25th August 2013. On August 22, in the heights of Syndicate, 4940 marijuana trees were destroyed. One 410 shotgun was also found and seized. Four men have been arrested and charged with possessio ...

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Silver Lake Resident Escapes Jail

A man from Silver Lake has escaped jail time, subsequent to stealing grapes from a fruit store in Roseau. Twenty-one year old Curtson Charles appeared before Magistrate Evelina Baptiste on Monday August 19th, on three charges of theft of grapes from Fruits Plus. He pleaded guilty to all charges. According to the facts of the case, on August 6th, 13th and 15th, the defendant stole a portion of grapes valued ...

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Cutlass Wielding Attacker gets One Year!!!

25 year old Patrick Telemaque, will have enough time to plan a more positive future, after being sentenced to one year imprisonment, following his appearance at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday August 13th. Telemaque, who appeared before Magistrate Candia George, was slapped with the charge of robbery and theft of a gold chain and pendant, and a gold wristlet valued at US$3090 equivalent to $8400EC. ...

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Kingshill Resident Charged with Battery

Two young ladies, from the normally quiet village of Kingshill, stirred up some excitement on Friday August 9th, when they attracted a crowd during a fight. Following the incident, 18 year old Zenith Germain of Kingshill was charged with battery and throwing missiles, while 22 year old Yakima Williams was charged with battery and disorderly conduct. ...

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Young Man Charged on Multiple Following Numerous Theft in Canefield

21 year old Akim Smith found himself in hot water with the law, as he appeared before Roseau Magistrate Evelina Baptiste on Monday August 12th. The young man, who is from the village of Canefield, was slapped with numerous charges, following a series of burglaries. It is alleged, that between July 14th to July 20th, Smith, stole an amplifier valued at $800 and a power mixer console valued at $2400; the prop ...

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Three Strikes and You’re Out!!!

Repeat offender, 42 year old, David Telemaque of Goodwill, appeared before Roseau Magistrate Candia George, on Tuesday August 6th. Telemaque was charged with the theft of $65.00 and $150 in repair costs, for malicious damage to the glass of a Toyota Hiace bus, belonging to Lex Roberts. He pleaded guilty to both charges. According to the facts of the case, on Sunday August 4th at about 3am, Telemaque was spo ...

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Young Man Escapes Seven (7) year Sentence

20 year old Brandon Raveliere of Jimmit, was given a stern warning when he faced Roseau Magistrate Candia George on Tuesday August 6th. Following an incident on Monday July 8th, Raveliere was charged with wounding and grievous bodily harm which he plead guilty to. According to the facts of the case, at about 3:00am on that day a 17 year old man, who was with his sister and a friend of his sister, was coming ...

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