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Did You Know: Cats Urine Glows Under a Black-light?

Many body fluids contain fluorescent molecules. The term "fluorescent" means that the substance will glow in a visible colour (blue, green, orange...) When illuminated with high-energy, short-wavelength ultraviolet light. Forensic scientists use ultraviolet lights at crime scenes to find blood, urine, or semen (all fluorescent). ...

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Did You Know: Small Dogs Usually Live Longer than Larger Breeds?

Dainty little dogs, as fragile as they sometimes look, are actually the hardier of the species. Big dogs, and giant breeds like mountain dogs and bull mastiffs have about half the lifespan of a small dog. One theory is that the little dog has far less strain on its heart and joints than a massive dog does. " For small breed dogs under 20 pounds, old age happens around twelve years of age, 20-50 pound dogs, ...

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Did You Know: The Average Golf Ball has Over 336 Dimples?

Most balls on sale today have about 300 to 450 dimples. There were a few balls having over 500 dimples before. The record holder was a ball with 1,070 dimples -- 414 larger ones (in four different sizes) and 656 pinhead-sized ones. All brands of balls, except one, have even-numbered dimples. The only odd-numbered ball on market is a ball with 333 dimples. Officially sanctioned balls are designed to be as sy ...

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Did You Know: Each Time You See a Full Moon You Always See the Same Side?

You may have heard references made to the "dark side" of the Moon. This popular, although somewhat inaccurate term refers to the fact that only one face of the Moon, the "near side", is visible to us. The dark side or far side is permanently rotated away from our planet. Why is this the case? We all know that the Earth rotates on its own axis, so theoretically, the Moon should also do the same, allowing us ...

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Did You Know: The Movie ‘Wayne’s World’ was Filmed in 34 Days?

Wayne's World is a 1992 American comedy film directed by Penelope Spheeris and starring Mike Myers in his film debut as Wayne Campbell and Dana Carvey as Garth Algar, hosts of the Aurora, Illinois-based Public-access television cable TV show Wayne's World. The film was adapted from a sketch of the same name on NBC's Saturday Night Live. The film grossed US$121.6 million in its theatrical run, placing it as ...

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Did You Know: Our Eyes are Always the Same Size from Birth?

According to scientists our eyes remain the same in size throughout our life but our ears and nose keep gaining bits of mass as we grow older. This may sound a little disturbing because most of us want the exact opposite. We’re coveted to have bigger eyes but they never change size, and fairly smaller noses and ears but they disappoint us by growing throughout our lives. Normally our nose grows slowly until ...

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Did You Know: The Grand Canyon can Hold Around 900 Trillion Footballs?

The Grand Canyon is huge and its majesty and beauty is unimaginable. It encompasses 1,218.375 acres which represents 1,904 square miles. The Canyon was carved over a period of millions and millions of years by the Colorado River and therefore most people measure the size of the Grand Canyon by the length of the portion of the Colorado River from the eastern-most to western-most ends of the Canyon which is 2 ...

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Did You Know: Hot Water Freezes Faster than Cold?

On its way to freezing, surely hot water has to pass through a point where its temperature is the same as the cooler water and after that point both should freeze at the same rate? And that would mean that the cold would freeze quicker than the hot? Right? Despite the fact that this might not seem right at first, numerous experiments have shown that it is the case. It has, in fact, been well documented in h ...

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