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Did You Know: No piece of Paper can be Folded in Half More than 7 times

If you have a normal sheet of notebook paper and you try to fold it in half multiple times, you probably cannot get it to fold more than 6 times. Maybe 7 if you are really strong. That maximum limit is caused by two things: 1) The number of layers of paper doubles with each fold. So you start with a single layer, then you have two layers, then four, then eight, then 16, then 32, then 64 layers after six fol ...

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Did You Know: Bears have 42 Teeth

Bears have 42 teeth including four long canines and twelve incisors. The exception is that of the sloth bear, which has only 40 teeth. Sloth bears have two fewer teeth than bears of other species to create a gap in the front of their mouths through which they may suck in insects. ...

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Did You Know: Most Dust Particles in your House are Made from Dead Skin

Most dust particles in your house are dead skin. They’re really dead skin cells that get shed off our bodies. Dust might contain other ingredients like: soil or sand tossed up by wind, pollen, hairs, and many other materials which may be found in the environment. Dust can be made of fecal matter! Yes that's right.: fecal matter! There is also bacteria, pet dander, bug and flea droppings, the dirt we track i ...

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Did you know: Pearls Melt in Vinegar?

Well, vinegar won't actually melt a pearl, but the acids will definitely dissolve one. Pearls are mostly calcium carbonate. Vinegar, which is mostly acetic acid, dissolves calcium carbonate over time. The same dissolution would occur if an egg were placed in a glass of vinegar and left to sit — the egg shell would disintegrate. ...

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Did You Know: That a Toothbrush Should be Kept a Minimum of 6 Feet Away From a Toilet?

The toothbrush plays an important role in maintaining our oral hygiene by removing plaque and bacteria, keeping our pearly-whites clean and sparkling as it work its way around our teeth and gum every day. However, it is easy to overlook the hygiene and care of the toothbrush itself. Invisible germs and bacteria – including those that cause infections like gingivitis and gum diseases – thrive in high-humidit ...

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Did You Know: Elephants are the Only Animals That Can’t Jump?

Elephants cannot jump. It is physiologically impossible for them to do so, because of their weight. Many asked how come they have seen them jump down off platforms, stand on their front legs, and do all kinds of other tricks at the circus, however  none of these are natural activities for elephants in the wild, and that they will step down from a platform, but will not jump. ...

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Did you know: The First Couple to be Shown in the Same Bed Together on Prime Time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone?

This occurred during The Flintstones’ original run on ABC from 1960 until 1966. Many falsely claim that the Ricardos from I Love Lucy were the first couple to do so, but in fact Lucy and Ricky slept in separate beds for the duration of that series. This remained the case even through Lucy's onscreen pregnancy! The animated series bears such a strong resemblance to CBS’s The Honeymooners that its basic plot ...

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Did you know: Go,” is the Shortest Complete Sentence in the English Language?

The shortest English sentence is probably “Go.” “Go” is an action verb and can be used in imperative mood, which means that it can be used with good, old “You Understood.” So “Go” actually means “You go.” On the other hand, if that interpretation doesn’t strike your fancy, let’s say that understood meanings are disallowed, then “I go” is the shortest sentence. ...

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