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Apple Wins $1Billion in Samsung Patent Case

A nine member jury in California awarded Apple Incorporated more than $1.05 billion in its patent infringement claim that Samsung Electronics Company copied technology used in its iPad and iPhone. The US lawsuit was one of several cases around the world between California-based Apple and South Korean Samsung over technology rights and innovation in the fast-growing mobile computing sector. Apple sued Samsun ...

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Syrian Helicopter Crashes in Damascus

Armed rebels in Syria say they have shot down a military helicopter over the capital, Damascus. The Free Syrian Army said the aircraft had been firing at people in the north-eastern district of Jobar, and that it had crashed in neighboring Qabun. The rebels had been trying to hit [the helicopter] for about an hour, and finally they did. Witnesses said the helicopter burst into flames after being hit by a pr ...

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Older Dads Linked to Rise in Genetic Disorder

A genetic study has added to evidence that the increase in some mental and other disorders may be due to men having children later in life. One prominent researcher suggested young men should consider freezing their sperm if they wanted to have a family in later life. The results show it is the age of men, rather than women that is likely to have an effect on the health of the child. Society has been very f ...

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South Africa’s Lonmin Marikana Mine Clashes Killed 34

Thirty-four people were killed in clashes between police and striking miners at a South African mine on Thursday August 16th. Police opened fire after failing to disperse strikers armed with clubs and machetes at the Marikana mine. The Lonmin-owned platinum mine has been at the centre of a violent pay dispute, exacerbated by tensions between two rival trade unions and the incident is one of the bloodiest po ...

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