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PM Skerrit not Bothered by Lennox Linton Leading UWP

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, says that he is not worried by reports that, investigative journalist, Mr. Lennox Linton, could be the next leader of the Opposition, United Workers Party (UWP). Mr. Skerrit said he is in no way threatened if Mr. Linton does become the leader of the UWP. This is how Mr. Skerrit responded to a question of the possibility of snap elections. ...

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Edison James to Step Down as Political Leader

Leader of the United Workers Party, Honourable Edison James, has made it clear, that he will be stepping down as political leader and will not be seeking re-election in the next General Elections, carded for March 2013. “One can’t go on forever,” he said. In an interview with SAT news, Mr. James said he had informed his party three weeks ago about his resignation, and subsequent to that, the party had decid ...

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Norris Prevost EDF Pulling out from the Geothermal Project is a Sign

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central, Honorable Norris Prevost, believes Electricite de France (EDF) pulling out from the Geothermal Project might be an indication for Dominica. Mr. Prevost says although the Government is looking for cheaper electricity alternatives for Dominica, the geothermal project was not the best solution. He added, there are several alternatives available for Dominica, ...

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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit Says Prepare for Early Elections

In a surprise statement on Tuesday March 12th, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit alerted his supporters to prepare for early general elections, and a clean sweep at the polls, as he held a victory celebration following a court battle on dual citizenship which ended in favour of the Government. Mr. Skerrit urged his supporters to return to their communities and begin to work for what they want, while getting ...

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Ron Green Speaks After Decision Of The ECSC

After a three year relentless battle with the issue of dual citizenship, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court made a decision to dismiss the appeal. Mr. Ron Green a petitioner in the case voiced his outlook on the results of the ECSC. He said his first reaction was that of shame, where our leaders have found it necessary to continue hiding the truth and celebrate lies. ...

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DFP Send Condolences To Linton Family DFP Send Condolences To Linton Family

The DFP remembers the late Meshach Hamilton Linton of Marigot who died earlier this week, as an individual who contributed to the development of his Community and Dominica by extension. He was an Educator, served as Principal of several Schools around the Island, Chairman of the Dominica Banana Growers Association in the early 1980s, and a Senator in the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica during the ...

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Parliament: Government Invests in Black Sigatoka Disease

In Parliament on Tuesday March 5th, leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Mr. Edison James, touched on various subjects that the Opposition disapproved of. “This is 1% politics and 90% statesmanship,” Mr. James stated. According to Mr. James, DLP lost their marketing opportunity under the supervision of Minister of Agriculture Mr. Matthew Walter. ...

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Minister for National Security, Labour and Immigration Honourable Charles Savarin on the Malachi Mugabe Affair

Over two weeks after the incident, Minister for National Security, Labour and Immigration Honorable Charles Savarin releases a statement on the Malachi Mugabe affair. On Monday December 17th, 2012, the Ministry of National Security, Labour and Immigration was advised that the Police were following a story coming out of Barbados to the effect that a passenger by the name of Malachi Mugabe. Mugabe, a Nigerian ...

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