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Trinidad’s Justice Minister Fired

Trinidad and Tobago's Justice Minister, Herbert Volney, was fired on Thursday September 20th, over a controversial law that could allow charges to be dropped against more than a dozen people facing corruption charges, including two men wanted in the United States. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said Volney, a member of parliament of the ruling coalition, had deceived the government by assuring the ca ...

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St. Joseph Parl Rep Responds to UWP

The United Workers Party (UWP) stated at their public meeting held on Monday, September 10th, that the Parish of St. Joseph has the highest level of poverty, however Parliamentary Representative Mr. Kelvar Darroux thinks otherwise. The Parliamentary Representative says that he has had his doubt about the report carried out, and he finds this statement rather interesting since St. Joseph consists of a lot of ...

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Edison James Says Opposition Cannot Access State Media

Mr. Edison James says that the United Workers Party (UWP) is repeatedly denied access to state media, which is unacceptable in what is supposed to be a democratic country. Mr. James pointed that even after writing to the Board of Directors of the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation (DBS) radio station, the responses they received were very dismissive while stating the matter is being attended to by the board. ...

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UWP Public Meeting

The Public flocked the streets of Roseau on the night of Monday September 10th as the United Workers Party (UWP) held a public meeting in order to address their concerns, regarding the nomination of a new president for Dominica. Leader of the UWP Mr. Edison James stated that the constitution has 10 chapters and interestingly, Chapter 1 talks about the protection of fundamental rights and freedom. ...

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Leader of the Opposition Says the PM is Unbelievable

The United Workers Party (UWP) will hold a public meeting on Monday, September 10th in relation to the election of a new president for Dominica. Nominees for the post from both UWP and the Government deadlines is today Friday 7th, However Leader of the Opposition Mr. Hector John is not pleased ...

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House of Assembly Meeting 24.08.12

The House of Assembly has called a meeting to state that the Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skeritt and the Leader of the Opposition, Honourable Hector John, cannot come to an agreement for a nominee for the position of Presidency. ...

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