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Opposition Leader Speaks on OECS Assembly

The United Workers Party, the members of which constitute the Official Opposition in the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica, state they are in full support of the recently inaugurated OECS Assembly. They welcomed the Assembly as it creates the platform for discussing and facilitating constitutional, political and economic changes necessary for the successful development of Member States, and their s ...

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UWP Press Conference

Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Mr. Edison James says that the behavior at Parliament was disgraceful, disrespectful and bias and he has never seen anything thing like this in his 20 years of experience. ...

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Prime Minister Heads Delegation to Morocco

On July 23rd, the Honourable Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Ambassador Steve Ferrol, Secretary to the Cabinet, left Dominica on an official visit to the Kingdom of Morocco. Dominica established diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco in 2010 and since the relationship has grown rapidly. ...

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Labour Party Government Continues to Address Needs of Dominican People

$54 million is being allocated to the education sector as part of the 2012- 2013 budget. Honourable Petter St. Jean, Minister for Education says that at the ministry they believe that every child deserves high quality education, and their mission statement is to guarantee equitable access to high quality education and training, to develop all out citizens to lead productive and fulfilling lives in a complex ...

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VAT and High Energy Cost Affecting Tourism Industry

With talks of an increase in Value Added Tax (VAT) circulating, Leader of the Opposition United Workers Party, Mr. Hector John is of the view that, any increase in VAT will further affect the struggling Dominican citizens, which is not what we need. According to a post 2006 USAID-funded report on Impact of VAT and High Energy cost on the Tourism Industry in Dominica, it states Action is needed to reduce the ...

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Thomas Letang Says PM Should Have Consultations With Stakeholders for 2012 Budget

General Secretary of the DPSU, Mr. Thomas Letang says, at this late stage when people's opinions are being sought, he questions if it makes any sense because, whatever is going to be part of the budget would have already been decided. He said on July 17th when the budget is brought to Parliament, at this stage members of Parliament will just be allowed to give their opinions on the budget. ...

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Opposition Says PM Ignoring Constitution

These were the words of Leader of the Opposition United Workers Party, Mr. Hector John in response to the actions of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, to appoint Superintendent Daniel Carbon as Acting Commissioner of Police, without consulting the Opposition. Mr. John says that neither he nor any other member of the Opposition United Workers Party, were ever contacted for consultation on the decision, to ap ...

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Mexico’s Enrique Pena Nieto ‘wins’ Presidential Poll

Mexico's old ruling party, the institutional revolutionary party (pri), is set to return to power as early official results indicate its candidate Enrique Pena Nieto has won the presidential election. Mr Pena Nieto, who is 45, is on about 37%, several points ahead of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has not conceded. Thousands of police were on duty for the vote, amid fears of intimidation from drug gangs. ...

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UWP Leaders Want Answers on Liat Issue

These were the words of Leader of the United Workers Party, Honourable Edison James in responding to the government of Dominica pumping eight million dollars, to the embattled regional airline Liat. Mr. James says though Liat is important to the Caribbean, Mr. Skerrit needs to come clean to the people of Dominica on the details of this cash donation. ...

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