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Minority Government for Cayman Islands

A day after former Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush was ousted in a vote of no confidence, Governor Duncan Taylor rejected calls from Bush and opposition party members to dissolve the Legislative Assembly and call early elections, opting instead to allow Juliana O’Connor Connolly to form a minority government as the new premier. This means that the Cayman Islands will now be governed by a minority group ...

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Chavez Reported in Stable Condition After Infection

Communications and Information Minister, Ernesto Villegas, says Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is in a generally stable condition. This comes after a respiratory infection diagnosed on Monday. It is said that the medical team immediately treated and controlled the infection. According to the doctors, this kind of infection is one of the most usual after effects of complicated surgery, such as the procedur ...

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Ratings Agency Urges Gambling Reform in Bahamas

According to a top rating agency, reform of gambling laws in The Bahamas could have a major impact on future stability and revenue growth. Ed Al-Hussainy, Assistant Vice President and analyst at Moody's, said domestic gambling legislation pales in comparison to casino regulations. ...

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Grenada Welcomes Removal of Visas for Travel to European Union Countries

Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Tillman Thomas has welcomed a policy decision by the European Commission to allow Grenadian to travel to the Schengen area without needing a visa as constructive. The Prime Minister said Friday, the decision provides Grenadians with the chance to take advantage of opportunities that may arise from business exchanges and people to people contact. He welcom ...

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Suriname and Guyana Delegations Arrive in Djibouti Where Gaza Dominates OIC Agenda

The agenda of the 39th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that opened on Thursday in Djibouti, was drastically revised as a result of the ongoing Israeli bombardment of the Gaza strip. The Council sees this premeditated aggression as an attack on the entire Islamic Ummah and warns against the continued Israeli escalation and the attempt to reinvade ...

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Venezuela Elected to United Nations Human Rights Council

In an election on Monday in which the United Nations General Assembly chose 18 members of the body, Venezuela was chosen to hold a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council for 2013-2015, , including three from Latin America and the Caribbean. The South American nation vowed during its candidacy to work hard to strengthen the Human Rights Council and its proceedings and mechanisms for the promotion an ...

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