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Tip of the Day: Guidelines for Everyday Etiquette!!!

If you step outside your house during the day, you are likely to encounter people, so try to be friendly, even on miserable days when everything seems to be going wrong, forcing a smile has the potential to lift the mood of not only the person you are looking at but yours as well. Certain words carry a tremendous amount of power, when you care enough to be polite and civil to others. Avoid being late for an ...

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Tip of the Day: Better Life Guidelines

Have a firm handshake, Look people in the eye, be the first to say hello and return all things you borrow. Make new friends, but cherish the old ones, never drink alcoholic drinks when you are thirsty or hungry. Always ask a question neutrally, i.e. never imply an answer, and learn to say yes often. Be seen as someone who gets things done, but always negotiate your advantage. Lastly put everything back in i ...

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Tip of the Day: Punctuality Guidelines

One of Life's least well known success tips: be on time! Being late for meetings is at the least extremely stressful. You are more in danger of being late when you have "plenty of time" Remember to add on the 'lost' time it takes from when decide to leave and the time you actually drive away in your car. ...

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Tip of the Day: Home Decorations Guidelines

1. Choose light colors for the background, light colors will give you calmness. 2. Choose darker colors for the furniture, it makes them looked elegant 3. Maximize the space. 4. When you are decorating your bedroom, make sure there are some spaces between your bed and study desk. 5. Finally, just make sure you and your family are comfortable with the colours and spaces you chose.   ...

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Tip of the Day: Do’s and Don’ts on a Resume

Creating a good resume is very important in today's world when you are looking for that ideal job. This piece of paper is representing you and what you have accomplished over the years. A disorganized resume or an improperly filled out resume can hurt your chances in getting that new career. Do not put your employers contact information on your resume, if they are interested in finding this information duri ...

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Tip of the Day: Why We Should Recycle

Several reasons exist as to why we should promote recycling. Recycling helps us to convert our old products into new useful products. Since we are saving resources and are sending less trash to the landfills, it helps to reduce air and water pollution, conservation of materials, save energy and money. When recycling is done on a large scale, the money saved can have a huge impact on your monthly expenditure ...

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Tip of the Day: Ways to Make Peace with your Body

  1) Get to Know You   You can start by looking in a mirror and really observing yourself. Go through every detail of your body; try to feel it, try to appreciate yourself as you are. Do not pay attention to what your mind may say. Just observe and feel.   2) Be Gentle with Yourself Start treating yourself with the due respect, just as you would treat another human being. Say nice things to your b ...

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Tip of the Day: Living with Loss and Ways to Cope

1. Give yourself time. Grief is a gradual process, so take each day as it comes, with whatever challenges and emotions it may bring. 2. Let loved ones in. Allowing others to help you — whether by making phone calls or doing your grocery shopping — benefits you both. 3. Take care of yourself. Don't neglect your physical and emotional well-being: Eat healthily, get some sleep, and take a long bath. Being kind ...

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Tip of the Day: Ways to Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity

Plan each day. Planning your day can help you accomplish more and feel more in control of your life. Prioritize your tasks.  Prioritizing tasks will ensure that you spend your time and energy on those that are truly important to you. Delegate. Take a look at your to-do list and consider what you can pass on to someone else. Take the time you need to do a quality job. Doing work right the first time may take ...

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