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Tip of the Day: How to Deal with Discrimination

You will have to put anger aside and think about how you were victimized and whether you are being oversensitive. Take a minute to think about what you want to say to the individual during a confrontation. Tell the individual that what they did or said offended you. If you are unable to confront the individual, tell a manager or authoritative figure quickly. If the problem is recurring, keep a log of all th ...

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Tip of the Day: Avoid Being Bitter

When you are bitter, you are angry and resentful. Your mind keeps dwelling on the ways you have been wrong in the past. You could be having a great day, and then something will remind you of an old wound and you will be annoyed and lost in your head for the next three hour ...

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Tip of the Day: Ways to Feel Confident, Even When You Arent

Many people’s confidence naturally wavers from day to day, leaving them too timid or confused at just the wrong time. Whether you are naturally confident or could use some better eye contact with your life, setting in place a few simple policies goes a long way to stoke your inner confidence. It is not about you. Understand people’s actions, even when hurtful, rarely have anything to do with you. It is easy ...

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Tip of the Day: Ways to Move on From Bad Relationships

Almost everyone has experienced a bad relationship at some point in their history of dating. In many cases after the relationship has ended women still consider trying again with that person. Write down All the Bad Things, Focus on You, Avoid Interactions this is particularly important in the early part of moving on from a bad relationship, and think About What You Want. No matter how you choose to move on ...

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Tip of the Day: Why Eating Local is More Beneficial than Produced

There is a lot of discussion about eating local and for good reason.  Eating locally grown food has been shown to be good for us and it keeps the local farmers in business. Before the Industrial Revolution, eating local foods was a way of life. Foods didn’t travel across land and sea for our pleasure, we ate what we grew. Save the world, a study in Iowa found that a regional diet consumed 17 times less oil ...

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