CCCCC Official Says they are Ready to Combat Climate Change

Ottis Joycelyn

Science Officer at the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), Mr. Ottis Jocelyn who is based in Belize, says the CCCCC is ready to combat climate change.

Mr. Jocelyn says Caribbean Governments and people need to take the issue of climate change very seriously, especially as we are faced with Natural Disasters such as flooding, and hurricanes.

With that he says the CCCCC is playing a critical role in educating the people on how to live with these negative and adverse effects, which are a result of issues relative to climate change.

However he said the CCCCC as a regional institution is willing and ready to provide whatever assistance they can, to the various communities who are going to be affected by climate change for the next 100 years.

He pointed out that all greenhouse gases which are present in the atmosphere for the next 100 years are going to be there, as the issue of global warming will be here for that period of time.

Mr. Jocelyn says the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre is established as a Caricom entity, and as such has a mandate to assist all Caricom countries to address the adverse effects of climate change.

This can be done through either technical or financial resources.

He says their major focus is on adaptation measures at the local, national and regional level, and pointed out that Dominica is making strides in this area.

Mr. Jocelyn highlighted that the fact that Dominica has been the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, is a strong reflection of Dominica’s commitment to addressing the issues of climate change and its effects.

Because of the small land mass of the Caribbean Islands, it is important that they all work together as a team to ensure they are better equipped to deal with issues which affect them.

In the effort to sensitize the public Mr. Jocelyn stated the school children needs to get actively involved in more research of the issue, while Politicians and Policy Makers need to be more aware of what they can do to address the problem.

He gives an example where, in the past, there would be a flood every 25 or 50 years and now it is on an annual basis.

He says this should be an eye opener for us.

He said that a more forceful approach needs to be adopted to deal with this global issue.

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