Celebrations for World Thinking Day


Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guide Association of Dominica, Mrs. Agatha Elo

Thinking is defined as the process of using one’s mind to consider or reason about something, for example; the Government have done some thinking about welfare reform to ensure only those who need it will benefit.

Thinking is important otherwise we would just be mindless beings, and Thinking is what makes us different from other animals.

Also, with thinking we can avoid danger.

Each year on February 22nd, is celebrated as World Thinking Day, where girls honour their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, by taking time to give thanks for their international friendships and remember that Girl Scouts are part of a global community.

Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guide Association of Dominica, Mrs. Agatha Eloi, says this is a very special day for them, as this day is also the birthday of the founder of the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Ms. Agnes Baden-Powell.

There is also a World Thinking Day Fund, which is something that was implemented years ago by the Chief Guide, where each Guide donates $1.00 to the Girl Guide Fund, in order to raise $10,000,000.00 as there are 10 million Guides worldwide.

The cash is used to fund Guide projects around the world, while helping Guides meet travel expenses for seminars and conferences.

This year’s theme is “Together we can save children’s lives,” which gives girls a chance to take action on issues affecting children’s lives worldwide.

This theme is based on Millennium Development Goal 4, which is focused on reducing child mortality rates around the globe.

She says this is something that all women can emulate.

They have a voice and can speak out against issues affecting them.

With that, she highlighted that every Thinking Day they focus on an issue they promote and speak against for the development of girls and women worldwide.

Nearly 150 countries are members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

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