Celia Nicholas Calls for a Raise in Teachers Salary


One education official made an appeal to the Minister of Education, Hon. Petter St. Jean to review the salaries of teachers.


This call was made by president of the Dominica Association of Teachers (DAT), Mrs. Celia Nicolas at the opening ceremony of the teachers’ summer workshop on Monday, July 11th.


Teachers play an integral part in the lives of students. Not only do they play the role of being an educator but also that of a counselor or even a parent in their students’ lives. The impact that they have on students is rather immense.


Mrs. Nicolas said that the minister promised to make life easier for teachers.


She stated that the Minister of Education focused on the gains for the children and indirectly the parents.


The Caribbean Center for Development Administration (CARICAD) did a review of the teaching profession. The Caribbean Development Bank has to do a further review which will be ready by September.


Nicolas made an appeal to the minister to give consideration to these reviews when they are done. This is in an effort to award the teachers with a salary that they really deserve for their hard work.


Written by Gail Sharplis

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