Centenarian Celebrated 103rd Birthday


Granddaughter of Centenarian,Eugette Jean-Pierre

Mrs. Veronica Francis has lived over a century and is still able to tell her stories of childhood and interact socially to anyone that walks into her home.

Born in 1910, she celebrated her 103rd birthday on Wednesday June 5th 2013 and speaks of a wonderful life surrounded by family.

She was born and raised in Warner, where she has fond memories of growing up. In an interview with SAT TV, she shared the type of foods she ate in her more youthful days.

She advised that people should eat more fish and drink cow milk which is very good for our health.

Granddaughter of Mrs. Veronica, Eugette Jean Pierre, described her grandmother as a lovely person.

Ms. Jean Pierre said that her grandmother is healthy and does not suffer from any ailments; she still has a 2020 vision with good memory and is able to wake up every morning and do her daily chores.

vlcsnap-2013-06-06-15h00m59s152A small celebration with family and friends was held at her residence to commemorate her special day.

Neighbours in the area portrayed her as being a kind lady who never forgets even at age 103.

The centenarian encouraged people to eat healthy as it can contribute to longevity of life.

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