Centenarian Speaks about her Journey and Struggles

Centenarian, Beldrinia Eusebe

The saying “life is what you make it” was a proven factor on Thursday November 1st, as centenarian Beldrinia Eusebe turned 100 in June of this year.

Ms. Esuebe is by far one of the most high-spirited, positive and energetic centenarian based in Dominica, despite the fact she lost 5 out of her 10 children.

She says her favourite radio station is DBS, and this was one of the places she wanted to visit before she dies.

She informed SAT NEWS that her life became very difficult when her husband died and she had to play both roles for her children.

Ms. Eusebe said this is when the struggles began for her. She became very poor and worked like a man.

The strong centenarian stated that, she did most things for herself in terms of transporting her goods back and forth.

Centenarian, Beldrinia Eusebe

Ms. Esuebe says she is not in any pain at the moment apart from the usual expectations of a centenarian.

She said God knows best and at the end of the day, he has the final say. Ms. Esuebe mentioned that she prays that her grandchildren walk in the footsteps of her children.

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