CERT Graduation Ceremony

Participants of the Workshop

Participants of the Workshop

On April 25th 2014, fifty-three volunteers, who recently completed a two-week Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) programme were encouraged to take greater responsibility for disaster prevention.

Don Corriette, Director of the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) made this statement during the graduation ceremony at the office in Jimmit.





Meanwhile, Parliamentary representative for Castle Bruce, Johnson Drigo, says we are living on an island prone to disaster and we must therefore be prepared as a nation.

He said the Government with its limited resources and department cannot do it alone, adding that the communities must take control. They must be prepared he stressed.

Drigo urged the volunteers to go back into their communities as part of a team, responding to disasters and to educate the entire community on how to reduce the impact of disasters.





The Office of Disaster Management with support from the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) held the training sessions on February 10th to 25th and March 10 to 26th.

The focus was to develop a cadre of volunteers who are competent in supporting the CERT programme, enabling communities to become self-reliant when responding to disasters.








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