Champagne Reef is Number 1 in Caribbean Snorkeling Sites


Mr. Collin Piper, Director of Discover Dominica Authority

Champagne Reef located on the outskirts of Pointe Michel, has always been known as a popular site for tourists and locals alike who enjoy the underwater adventure.

However it came as no surprise that Snorkeler’s life List in Caribbean Travel+ Life Magazine named Champagne as part of the top ten snorkeling destinations for 2013, in the Caribbean.

Mr. Collin Piper, Director of Discover Dominica Authority, said this has been a great achievement in terms of the development of our tourism industry in Dominica.

There were twenty – five other snorkeling destinations across the region including another of our own, Scotts Head, which was in the 18th position, whilst Champagne was number one.

Although it is too soon to determine whether Dominica will benefit from this publication, Mr. Piper said that it is essential to rack up as many accolades possible, to utilize in marketing.

The experience the tourists gain when they stay in Dominica is one of the products that the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) tries to promote.

Mr. Piper said we have to show people how they can experience nature and experience it on the other aspects of Dominica as well.

The magazine describes Champagne as; Sea horses and frogfish will keep you company as you explore the island’s most popular snorkel site, where streams of air effervesce from fissures in the seafloor, making snorkelers feel like they are swimming in a bottle of bubbly. Keep your eyes peeled for parrotfish and lobster amid gardens of hard and soft coral.

The Buck Island of the USVI captured second position and Bight Reef, Turks and Caicos was third.


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