Charged $ 1000 for Threatening Neighbour


You are misbehaving and you have to pay for it…You are 52 years old almost and you are yet to behave yourself as a responsible citizen.” This was Magistrate, Evelina Baptiste’s, comment as she charged Charles Joseph of Newtown $1000 to be paid by November 30th.


Joseph was charged for threatening his neighbour on the 9th of July 2011, stating that he would stab her when she is going to church.


The defendant said that he had no recollection of the event because he was drunk. He pleaded with Magistrate Baptiste to be lenient with him as he has just started a construction projected in Giraudel.


Magistrate Baptiste said that it was because older people like him misbehaved that there are so many younger people being arrested. She added that the defendant needed to take responsibility for his actions; however, she did not take into consideration any of his convictions preceding 2003.

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