Chavez Requests Postponement of Swearing-in Ceremony

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday January 8th requested the country’s National Assembly to postpone his swearing in ceremony scheduled for January 10th, in accordance with Article 231 of the Constitution.

After undergoing surgery in Cuba on December 11th, 2012,  Chavez has faced a number of complications resulting from a severe respiratory infection that have required intensive medical treatment.

In a letter addressed to Parliament President Diosdado Cabello, read at a plenary session, executive vice-president Nicolas Maduro explained that on the advice of Chavez’s medical team, the post-surgery process will go beyond January 10th and, accordingly.

In light of this, he will not be able to be present at the National Assembly on that date.

Chavez accordingly invoked Article 231 of the Venezuelan constitution in order to postpone the official swearing-in to a later date at the Supreme Court of Justice.

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