Chief Cultural Officer Commends CXC


Chief Cultural Officer Mr. Raymond Lawrence

Following the CXC arts and crafts exhibition on Monday March 18th 2013, individuals had a chance to witness some of the fine arts and crafts, from students across the Caribbean that have written the CXC examinations in visual and performing arts.

Chief Cultural Officer Mr. Raymond Lawrence, has commended the CXC Committee.

Mr. Lawrence agrees with the comment made by Public Relations Officer for the CXC, which stated, that our students have tremendous potential.

He added, education opportunities have to be provided for the young people in Dominica and throughout the region, from an early age.

This is to ensure that not only do they have the opportunity to develop their skills but to take it further and enhance it.

Mr. Lawrence said the Cultural Division recently established an Institute for the arts at the Old Mill Cultural Center.

He noted, they are hoping the younger population will take advantage of this opportunity to focus and further develop their skills and talents.

It is also hoped that Instituions such as the Dominica State College, will provide more opportunities for accreditation in the visual performing arts.

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