Chief Cultural Officer Speaks on the Continued Search for Dominica’s National Dish


Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence

Dominica will continue its search for an official national dish, says Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence.

Several years ago, although Dominicans embraced the crapaud or the mountain chicken as their national dish, it was never documented as the official National Dish of Dominica.

According to Mr. Lawrence, it is time for an approved dish to be chosen – one that is authorized by the Government of Dominica.

The Ministry has insisted the participation of Dominicans, to determine an official dish for the island.

Extensive efforts have been put in place to form an idea of the dish that Dominicans would prefer as their state dish.

Mr. Lawrence is reminding the public, that it is not a one man’s dish, or a groups’ dish, but a national dish, so everyone will be allowed a voice in the matter.


Dominica: Mountain Chicken

Numerous options included: Callaloo, Broth, Fig and Codfish, Sancoche, Titiwi, Agouti, and Manicou.

Other mixtures included: Farine and Pear.

Callaloo was chosen as the top choice of voters.

The official dish will be announced during this year’s independence celebrations.

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