Chief Education Officer: Math Power Contest Having a Positive Impact on Students

Chief Education Officer, Melena Fontaine

Chief Education Officer, Melena Fontaine

During the closing ceremony of the National Math Power Contest, Chief Education Officer, Melena Fontaine applauded the participants, noting that in this age, social development is more dependent on the advancement of knowledge.

She highlighted the extensive use of Mathematics in economics, medicine, agriculture, architecture, engineering as well as the arts and other fields of modern knowledge.

According to Fontaine, since the competition’s inception there has been an increase in student performances at both internal and external examinations.

Despite those increases, she believes there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Fontaine said they have noticed a paradigm shift where students appear to be having more fun while learning Mathematics and teachers now presenting Math in a way that is expected to improve the student’s memory.

She hopes that continued efforts by the Ministry of Education to provide this level of support to schools, will result in improvements in the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

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