Chief Pharmacist urges the public to refrain from buying online Chinese medical products

In previous times, the general public was asked to ban the use of certain Chinese products such as their toys, tooth paste and milk.


But currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling for the ban of another Chinese product called Fruta Planta; a dietary supplement for weight loss, which has been proven to led to several cardiac incidents and one death.


According to the Chief pharmacists of the Central Medical Store at the Princess Margaret Hospital, Mr Errol Thomas, the manufacturers are misleading consumers into thinking that the product has no known side effects and that any individual can lose up to twenty-five pounds in the first month without dieting and exercise.


While speaking to SAT TV News on January 3rd, Mr. Thomas urged the public to avoid using all Fruta Planta products, since it contains a chemical ingredient called Sibutramine, which is the main contributor of cardiovascular events, that results in strokes and high blood pressure.


”This drug has been banned throughout the world, however the chinese manufacturers have been able to bring this product back into the market,” said Mr. Thomas.


Mr Thomas warned against the use of artificial means of losing weight as he encouraged the public to use natural means such as exercising.


He said,” there are natural means of losing weight such as exercising and the intake of fruits, vegetables and fluids.”


He says potential consumers should note that China is commonly known for producing counterfeit products, whenever considering the purchase of a Chinese item.


“Persons who sell products over the internet, especially medical products, are only interested in making money,” says the pharmacist as he seeks to raise the awareness on the negative effects of purchasing products online.

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