Child Fund Caribbean Press Release on Shanice’s disappearance



Dear friends,


The staff, affiliate Federations, volunteers & sponsors of ChildFund Caribbean wish to express our solidarity and support to the family & friends of 14 year old Shanice Jemmot of Layou area, as well as the authorities such as the Police & Social Services who are in avid search of Shanice.


We are urging the public to use your free time to search as well to disclose any information as all information at this point, little as it may seem could be of the greatest significance; such as whether she was seen at hangout spots other than school or home, whether she had spoken of running away or whether she had expressed been scared of a particular someone etc.


We are asking all her friends and classmates to speak with their teachers and parents or the authorities to inform them of any observations of Shanice in the last few weeks and months, anything she may have confided or you may have overheard. There are several reasons why teenagers go missing be it voluntarily or involuntarily. These include:

  • Family Dysfunction
  • To escape physical, sexual or emotional abuse
  • Because the teen has become pregnant, or has fathered a child
  • Due to drug abuse or addiction
  • Attempts to return to a prior family home or to escape care homes
  • Absent parents who have taken the child/teen
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Issues with peer pressure & puberty
  • Difficulty coping
  • Strangers who have abducted the child/teen


If you have any reason to believe she was abducted and you are suspicious of a particular person please inform a friend or the authorities of the particular characteristics and personality of the person and any information on property or hang out spots of that person.


Sometimes the abductor is harboring the minor in just two houses away from the family home, or has taken minor to a very secluded forest area (most likely sheltered), and sometimes the abductor has taken the minor illegally to a neighboring country – all very real examples which have occurred in Dominica though eventually all these minors returned or were found.


Please, let us all come to her aid and set up community watch with, youth groups, parent & community groups and individuals.


Let us help in the search of all caves, boat houses, farms, gardens or shacks, every crook & cranny of our island until we find her. May God be with Shanice & her family.



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