Children Dive Certification Ceremony

A total of 15 students are now proud holders of an Open Water Diver Certificate as they completed the course on Saturday September 1st.

The course which was titled “Plongeurs du Monde” hosted a week of free certified dive courses for children between the ages of 13 to 15 years, from the 26th of August to the 1st of September.

Plongeurs du Monde is a group of volunteer dive instructors who travel the world teaching children to dive thus opening an opportunity for them to enter the Dive Industry.

Their activities are centered on sustainable development through the sensitization of the importance of preserving our Marine Environment, Their provision of Dive courses with a possibility of starting a diving career by obtaining a professional dive certificate.

The students learned a lot of valuable information on diving which they had no previous knowledge of which will now be very useful especially for those on the path for a career in a relevant field.

One of the participants Ajayi Piper says he truly enjoyed the course as the information he now has may be useful for him in future.

Piper says that he has been doing diving for two years but has no finally been certified as an Open Water Diver which he very proud off.

Another participant 14 year old Nathan Joseph of Colihaut pointed out that his diving experience was great and he learnt a lot through this course.

The young man added next year he will be focusing on trying to achieve the rank of adventure diver.

Devon Clement who is from the village of Mero says he learnt how to dive and equalize under water, and that the whole experience was fun and exciting.

The students added they learned a lot more of the marine life than previously and they will always remember the information they were taught.

The course was organized by the Sunset Bay Hotel.


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