China Donates Motorcycles to Dominica Police Force

vlcsnap-2013-11-29-16h34m49s220The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force (CPDF) on Thursday November 28th received 90 patrol motorcycles, 250 police safety sunglasses and other crime fighting accessories from the People’s Republic of China, to assist in their continued efforts to curb crime on the Island.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with responsibility for National Security, Honourable Alvin Bernard, who accepted the donation on behalf of the CPDF said, he was delighted to receive this gift from the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

Mr. Bernard says, these much appreciated motorcycles w ill significantly assist the Dominica Police Force in executing its duties in the management and reduction of crime.

According to Mr. Bernard, in recent times there have been many concerns as it relates to crime in Dominica.vlcsnap-2013-11-29-16h37m43s178

Chinese Ambassador to Dominica His Excellency Wang Zonglai, who made the presentation on behalf of his country said, security is extremely important on the Nature Island of Dominica, particularly as a tourist destination.

The Ambassador added, these motorcycles will be used to combat crime.

Chief of Police Mr. Daniel Carbon said, these motorcycles will be used to firstly prevent, then combat crime.

The motorcycles he said will be deployed almost immediately to patrol the Capital city, assisting in the number of vehicular accidents that occur in and around the town.

The remaining motorcycles will be deployed in stages to the Out Districts and the Police Station in Portsmouth.








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