Choices II

The Arawak House of Culture is going to be full of action as the Deliverance Baptist Church Dream Team presents the humorous Play “Choices II” on May 4th and 6th at 8:00pm. The play is based on conflicting interests that may result in conflicting scenes.


Writer of the Play and Director Mr. Peter Panthier states that the play was not difficult to write seeing that this is not his first. Mr. Panthier says he wrote the first play “Choices I” and after the audience reaction he could not help but to continue with the story.


He mentioned that the idea originally came from a Pastor friend of his who preached about the development of the youths and ways to steer them in the right direction.


Assistant Coordinator Ms.Joanne Prince says the prearrangements for the play is right on track and the cast members are very confident that they will put on a great show.


Ms. Prince hopes that the public, particularly the youth gets the message which is; knowing that we always have a choice in life. She says young people often make the wrong choices without exploring both options and with anticipation; the play will do some justice.


Cast Member Mr.­­­­­­­­­­­­ Marvin George says not only is the play fun to be a part of, but he learns as he goes along. Mr. George also believes that the message behind the play may change the lives of many in a positive way.


He says young men like himself should take interest and come to the play. He believes that it may help them to make the right choices and better their future.

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