Chris B is Stardom Calypso King of Tent

Christopher 'Chris B" Sylvester

Christopher ‘Chris B” Sylvester

Calypsonian, Chris B’s ‘Fans Advice’ definitely paid off, winning him the title of Stardom Calypso King of the Tent, on the night of Wednesday February 26th 2014.

The show, which took place at the Sisserou Hotel in Castle Comfort, saw Christopher ‘Chris B’ Sylvester snatch the crowd amid nineteen other competitors.

The St. Joseph resident outperformed the reigning monarch, three time former calypso king Derrick ‘De Hunter’ St Rose.


He won a trophy and EC $1000 compliments Big Edge Financial.

The Webb came in second place, followed by Daddy Chess, while Black Diamond and Omie tied at fourth place.

Other participants included Observer, Checker, Hunter, Scrunter, Alisha, Hardline, Jaydee, Beno, Shadow Flow, Intruder, Man Himself, Lugas, Sting Ray, Dyno and Ghetto Prince.

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