Citizens to be evacuated from the Antrim area as officials predict a major landslide


Dr. Dereck Gay, a Civil Engineer and Professor at the University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad has called on the relevant authorities to evacuate certain individuals who are living in the Antrim area, where there is ongoing land movement.


Dr. Dereck Gay made the recommendation after he was brought on island to gather information about the ongoing land slippage in the aforementioned area. 


While sharing his preliminary findings with the media Dr. Gay said that he spent the first two days analyzing the cracks in the ground.


“On the last day, I had the privilege to go down to the river with the help of Mr. Don Corriette, where we ventured about 100 meters downstream…there we could see slippages of water coming through the river bank….when we continued lower down to the alignment of the second headland we came across a very huge landslide, similar to the one which occurred at Campbell a few years ago.”


He said interestingly, the extent of the land slippage was inconsistent with both a normal landslip and the pending road activities, since there was something very peculiar about it.


“When we came up unto the terrace level, we discovered that a large artificial lake was formed about 20 meters below the road level, which clearly indicated that water was slipping from both the road and nearby slopes into that area…normally there was a channel which would take that water out into the river but due to siltation the channel was blocked.”


Dr. Gay said that he is very pleased that the Office of Disaster Management has been dealing with the matter very urgently, as he gave further details about his preliminary findings.


After assessing his findings Dr. Gay recommended the swift evacuation of everyone who is living within the vicinity of the area, as he predicts that a major landslide, one which he compares to that which occurred in the community of Layou a few years ago.

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