Citizens urged to remain alert for counterfeit notes


The Dominica Police Force is appealing to the general public to be vigilant when transacting business, as there are reports of fifty and one hundred dollar counterfeit notes in circulation.


According to Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Claude Weekes, last week several reports were made to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) about the circulation of counterfeit money.


In that regard, he is asking the general public especially the shop keepers and taxi operators to be mindful and alert in order to curb the spread of these phony notes.


He said that while the counterfeit money resembles the genuine notes, it can be differentiated through several means.


He mentioned that the texture of the counterfeit notes are usually different from that of the genuine one and that they often contain different sets of serial numbers.


“Unlike the genuine money when crumbled or crush instead of reopening to its original state it remains folded.


Having provided these few guidelines, Inspector weekes is now urging all those who may come in contact with any of the notes to contact the Criminal Investigations Department in an attempt to avoid trying to get it into circulation.



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