Citrus Greening Disease Update

The Asian Citrus Psyllid, vector for the Citrus Greening Disease has been distributed island wide.

Head of Plant Quarantine Unit, Ryan Anselm says since May of this year there have been sightings in Cabrits, Marigot, Wesley, Londonderry and Pointe Michel.

They are also seeking the assistance of the University of Florida where they will send 2 experts to train Dominicans in molecular diagnosis of the disease.

The Unit is urging farmers to be vigilant in inspecting their citrus trees. This disease has no cure and as such the only management strategy is to cut and burn the disease.

The Ministry is asking residents to not move planting material from an infested area to a clean one.

Presently the Ministry of Agriculture is the only institution that can provide clean citrus planting material to the general public.

The overall goal of the Ministry of Agriculture is to sustain the citrus industry, maintain the confidence of farmers and allow them to maintain a productive level for export.

We are not alone in the fight against citrus greening!

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