Clear Harbor Announces Transition in Business

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Clear Harbor Trainees in action

A senior official at Clear Harbor has refuted a report that, the Company intends to make over two hundred employees redundant in July 2013.

In a statement released on Tuesday March 12th 2013, it stated Clear Harbor experiences a reduction in its workforce based on lower call volume coming from its US clients during spring annually over the past seven years.

Approximately twenty five employees leave the company on a monthly basis as a result of migrations, taking on new jobs, various changes in their personal lives, or in some cases, dismissals because of poor performance and or bad attendance.

In addition to this normal seasonal expansion and contraction of the business, Clear Harbor is undertaking a major shift in client base in 2013, to include the reduction on the concentration of employees assigned to one client and bringing on several new companies as customers.

The Company is of the view that, this shift will allow the diversification of their labour force to not be as dependent on a single client, who could have a huge impact on the number of employees should they take their business in a different direction.

The statement added that, it is because of Clear Harbor’s employees’ excellent job in serving customers over the last couple of years that the Company and Dominica have received great reviews in the American Call Center business world.

This reputation has allowed them to attract four new programs, and specifically three new companies who want to do business in Dominica, and if three of four of the new programs are successful over the remainder of this year, there will be an increase in employment.

In the transition, Clear Harbor will not be closing any facilities in Dominica, and are currently working with Aid Bank to complete a fourth building, hopefully to house new growth from the success of these pilot programs.

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