Clear Harbor GM Refutes Political Influence in Monell’s Termination


General Manager of Clear Harbor, Mary Quinones

General Manager of Clear Harbor, Mary Quinones, has pointed out that decisions taken at the company are based on what is best for business, not ‘political references.’

She was responding to allegations made by Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Lennox Linton, that the termination of Monell Williams, UWP candidate for the St. Joseph Constituency, was politically motivated.

“So when we get to a stage in 2014 where somehow the internal operations of a private company that is doing so much for Dominica, a way is found for political hatchet work to be done, it tells you it is time for change,” stressed Linton.

He said political victimization is something they want to set themselves apart from.

“Over the years we have seen a number of political operatives from other political parties who have been able to pursue their political dream without hindrance or victimization, but for some reason the people who stand for the UWP are in the habit of getting victimized,” Linton added.

According to Williams, she received the news of the termination from her employer Clear Harbor at about 9:37 pm on Tuesday May 20th 2014.

News of her termination broke on Wednesday May 21st 2014.

“So it has been a joy to meet the Dominicans who worked there, and the companies who opted to do business with Clear Harbor because the people of this country have somewhere to work and I am grateful,” Williams explained.

She said “Although the grounds of her termination were absurd, I swiped in at 1:00 and 58 seconds into the building, which means I was at work at 1:00 pm, which means they felt that the 58 seconds was enough to terminate me, so they did so.”

Monell Williams, UWP candidate for the St. Joseph Constituency

Monell Williams, UWP candidate for the St. Joseph Constituency

Williams made the statement during the UWP’s Caribbean Diaspora Tour in St. Martin on the evening of Wednesday May 21st 2014.

She added she will remain committed to helping to eradicate the culture of helplessness and hopelessness that Dominicans feel daily.

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