Closing Ceremony for Capacity Training

The Adult Education Division held the official closing ceremony of 10 capacity building programmes, under the Community Empowerment and Enhancement Programme(CEEP), which targeted the communities of St. Joseph, Layou, Dubique, Penville, Thibaud, Bense, Gutter, Tarish Pit, Stockfarm, Fondcole and Portsmouth.vlcsnap-2014-02-13-16h48m09s139

The programmes, which were conducted from October 2013 through to January 2014, sought to effectively address the social and economic challenges facing communities.

This focused on continuing education, leadership, parenting and skills training; in which 120 applicants employed the opportunity to participate.

Mrs. Mrs. Martha Andre, Adult Education Officer, noted we must learn to build around our needs for our own development.

“We are looking at our needs, we’re identifying our needs and we are coming forward trying to build around those needs.”

Training courses included; sewing, computer repair, arc welding, parenting and leadership training and food preparation.

vlcsnap-2014-02-13-17h06m36s85In planning the programme, Programme Coordinator, Ms. Kira Paul noted that they sought to ensure that the different components of CEEP reflected community’s priorities and needs and that the modules were developed based on the Division’s past experiences with programmes.

According to Ms. Paul participants, particularly from the Penville and Thibaud communities, showed great initiative towards the programmes.

Representing the Prime Minister, Honourable Gloria Shillingford, Minister responsible for Social Services, Community Development, and Gender Affairs says she looks forward to continued high quality work from the participants.

It is hoped that as an emergence from these training, persons will venture into their own small businesses.


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