Closing Ceremony Held for Fishing Workshop

Andrew Magloire (right)

The ACP Fish II Project held its closing ceremony on Friday September 7th.

The workshop was dubbed, “Training workshop of fisher folks in business planning and management: ICT applications for fish enterprise management training.”

Facilitator of the Project, Mr. Reginald Severin hopes those persons involved now have a better understanding of fishing as a business and they are able to translate what they have learnt into their businesses.

One of the participants Kervin Edmund now understands the use of records for fishing and that it is a precautionary measure that must be taken.

He knows that he will be using the techniques learnt in every aspect of his life.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Mr. Andrew Magloire says this program is extremely important if we are going to continue to develop the fisheries sector for the further development of Dominica.

He is grateful for countries like EU and Japan who continue to provide technical and financial support to helping us to be self-sufficient in securing our economic stability in the long run.

He wants people to grasp the idea that fishing does not only have to be for pleasure, but it can be a source of income and a sound livelihood for us as a nation.

Certificates were given to the participants at the end of the ceremony.



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