Closing Ceremony of It-For-Dominica Tranining Workshops

Mr. Ted Serrant

63 teachers received their certificates of completion for an IT- Training course which was held for all Dominica Teachers from the 9th to the 20th of July.

Senior Planning officer Mr. Ted Serrant says he is certain that the students will be pleased with the information and skills the teachers have learnt.

Mr. Serrant believes these skills can also be used for the teacher’s personal use and hopes that they utilize what they have learnt.

He believes that it is important that all Students are familiarized with the IT resources that are provided in their classrooms.

In order to do so, he says that the teachers need to be able to use the equipment also.

Chief Education Officer Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth says that we need to be proud of our Dominican teachers.

He mentioned that change is inevitable and that the teachers should implement change in the classroom to get the results that they need.

The chief also mentioned that Handsets should be allowed at the school however, they should be turned off during lessons.

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