Closing ceremony of the basic fisherman training course

33 participants have successfully graduated from the fisheries division basic training course (BFTC).

Mr. Norman J Norris, a fisheries officer says that, the course is the first step to becoming a licensed fisherman in Dominican waters.

The goal of the course is to develop the necessary competencies’ and skills in fisheries to enable fishers to optimize the potential of the fishing industry.


The course promoted the fishermen cooperative development that encourages fishing and proper fishing practices in Dominica.


Mr. Norris says that this course comes at a time when food safety is a major concern in the world hence the importance of the program to Dominica.


The participants were between the ages of 23 and 60 who received a copy of the basic fisherman course at the graduation ceremony.


Mr. Mitsuhiro Ishida, a marine biologist and JICA expert, congratulates Dominicans on the development of the fisheries industries and research in marine biology.


Over the years over 500 participants have completed the course that runs quarterly.

After completing the basic training course that covers theory can continue with advanced practical courses.

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