Coastal beautification project

ian douglas.jpgCommunity Service groups and Environmental clubs gathered at Portsmouth where they participated in a major cleanup and beautification campaign along the coasts of that town.

The clean up began at Secret Bay and stopped at Belle Hall Beach, running the full length of Portsmouth.

It was organized as part of the activities of Tourism Awareness Month by the Discover Dominica Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Cobra Tours.

Honourable Ian Douglas highlighted the vital link between a healthy environment and our economy through tourism.

Volunteers from service clubs around the island participated in the beautification and beach clean up that included the Rotaract, Rotary, Leos and Lion Club, the Convent High School Environment Club and Dominica Environment Youth Club.

Mayor of Portsmouth, His Worship Cleave St. Jean addressed the volunteers, thanking them for giving their time and efforts for the beautification of the town of Portsmouth.

Historian Lennox Honneychurch in a brief overview of the town of Portsmouth noted that Portsmouth in the times past when littering was not prevalent was so beautiful that it inspired influential writers.

The volunteers were divided into groups, some took boats across to the Secret Bay and the others worked their way up to Belle Hall.

After a day of beautification, the volunteers and organized celebrated their success with a social and barbeque.

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