Coastal cleanup data collection program

These were the words of captain of the Dominica cadet corps, Mr. Joseph Raymond at the, annual coastal cleanup data collection program which kicked off on Saturday October 15th.



Groups such as the dominica cadet corps, 4h clubs, scouts, girl guides and othere social groups in the secondary schools all made up the team collecting the data.


Mr. Raymond stated that, seeing we are in the tourist season, cleaning the beaches is a great idea. He also explained the form used for recording the data found.


Categories for other types of debris found were also mentioned by mr. Raymond.

The objective of the data collection is for the relevant authorities to have an idea of the type of products used most by the general public, and to also know which items should but are not making it to the landfill.


The students also benefitted from the clean up as community service is now a requirement for high school graduation.



The Roseau waterfront, pottersville, mero, rodney’s rock and also donkey beach were among some of the beaches where debris was collected from.

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