Cockrane Rabbit Festival promised to be bigger and better.


The Cockrane Rabbit Festival Committee (CRFC) in collaboration with the Digicel, Courts, Kubuli, Belfast Estate Ltd and SAT Telecommunications Ltd launched “The National Rabbit Festival 2010” on Tuesday July 13th at Digicel. Although the organizers are faced with the challenge of meeting their budget of $80 000, they promise that this year will, no doubt, be bigger and better. Chairman of the Cockrane Rabbit Festival Committee, Nelson Simon said that for the past 7 years the committee has been trying to sway Dominicans towards healthier eating practices.


“We have been trying to present Dominica with a unique product and change the eating habits of Dominicans to make sure that they eat healthy as a result, we have presented them with rabbit meat which is very low in fat and cholesterol but very high in protein,” said Mr. Simon.


He also mentioned that rabbit festival could have a great impact on the standard of living of Dominicans as the proper rearing of rabbits could be used as a form of income generation. He continued by saying that the rabbit festival has impacted the lives of Dominicans tremendously.


Nelson Simon said, “The CRFC really made an impact into the lives of Dominicans. We have seen the development of many other festivals such as the pork, goat and crab festivals. So indeed we do have a unique product,” Mr. Simon said.


Mr. Simon also highlighted a few activities that is geared at enhancing this year’s festival.


“This year we intend to have a special corner for the children which is an even that we did not have in the past. This year we are going to concentrate on the kids. This year we will have a bouncing castle and different games,” said Simon. 


“This year, the Pentecostal Church has joined on board to put on the gospel festival Friday evening. The aim of the concert is to give praise to God for his bountiful blessings over the years and pray that we have bright sunshine on that evening. Some of the performances include brothers of destiny, Dj Alphi, Nicole Christian, Dr Charlotte Cuffy and many dancers so you will not regret coming there,” said Ms. Joseph.


Although accessibility to the festival has been a challenge over the past few years, the chairman mentioned that as soon as the budget is in tacked, all the obstacles that occurred in previous years will be addressed and will no longer pose a problem. The committee is encouraging the public to turn out on August 1st in large numbers as they are promised a “hopping” good time.

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