Coffee Processing Plant to Create Employment


Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

In an effort to create employment within the island, the Government has been establishing several sectors that will help generate employment for Dominicans.

The construction of a coffee processing plant, donated by the Venezuelan Government in a joint venture with Dominica known as VENDOM, which began in April 2013, will commence.

The facility is being constructed at one mile Portsmouth, with a target of processing 2000 tons of coffee been per year for export.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit told Parliament on Wednesday July 24th that Nature Isle coffee was formed only recently.

As production stimulus, farmers participating in this program will be assisted by Government under the mentorship program.

Farmers will also be assisted in harvesting the beans and will be paid the guaranteed price by VENEDOM.

Mr. Skerrit said that at least 18 new jobs will be derived from this enterprise and many more in the actual production and cultivation of the coffee beans.

The processed and packaged beans will be sold to Venezuela, other members of the ALBA group, the French market and CARICOM.

Meanwhile the economy Of Dominica is projected to grow by 1.6 percent this year.

Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted Coffee Beans

25 acres of land for the coffee plant have been reserved and over 10,000 coffee seedlings have been prepared for distribution.

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