Colihaut Fish Lime to Kick off Soon

thai-fish-steamed-with-chili-limeOn Saturday August 10th, a Fish Lime activity, organized by the Colihaut Community Tourism Development Group will commence.

The newly formed union founded by a group of University students, which includes concerned villagers, residing both here and abroad, has taken on the task of creating sustainable economic development programs for the village.

The idea for the event originated from the Gros Islet Fish Lime in St. Lucia.

According to some research concerning the Gros Islet Fish Lime in Saint Lucia, if utilized correctly, the Colihaut community has the resources to achieve a successful Fish and Lime.

In relation to addressing the unemployment issue within the Colihaut village, the group thought it was a good idea to initiate this as their first project within the community.

The Colihaut Saturday Fish Lime is designed to bring much needed economic activity to the village.

The public will have the opportunity to enjoy exotic seafood, including fish water, steam fish, bakes and fried fish.

A live band splash has been organized to accommodate the event, which will also feature popular DJ’s.

lime-fish-sauceThe Discover Dominica Authority, the Adult Education Division, the West Indies Aggregate, DOMLEC and Colihaut in Focus UK, are all providing support to the Colihaut Community Tourism Development Group in this undertaking.

The event is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m.


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