Collection batteries by the DSWMC

In line with its campaign to alert the general public of the dangers of lead to humans and the environment, the Dominica solid waste management cooperation, are collecting old car batteries for proper disposal.


The use of lead acid batteries is a serious threat because of their lead content.


If disposed of in the landfill or environment they can release sulfuric acid which can pollute drinking water sources such as rivers, streams and ground water.


The negative effects of lead on human health include problems such as in reproduction, high blood pressure, nerve disorders and muscle and joint pains.


It is even more dangerous to children because their bodies absorb more lead than the bodies of adults.


Therefore the corporation has developed a collection schedule to gather these items island wide.


It offers individuals $5.00 for each battery brought to the Fond Cole landfill in an effort at reusing spent lead acid batteries that would protect human health.


The DSWMC is the legal entity with the responsibility to manage lead batteries in Dominica and the collection of batteries supports the DSWMC’S theme of reduce reuse and recycle, as the way forward for solid waste management in Dominica.

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