Collywood And Locals Protest Against Marpin

Junior Hart

Junior Hart, Collywood Manager

It is alleged that Collywood agreed to terms and conditions, and other specifications one of which stated, Collywood had to pay Marpin Telecoms for a channel to broadcast local programming one year ago in their initial contract.

Junior Hart, Collywood Manager, also stated that he went forward and aired its content on Marpin channel 13, to deliver local programs for one year exclusively.

However, on Monday February 25th, Mr. Hart along with local artists, held a protest outside Marpin’s Building in Roseau, to inform the public of the alleged unfair issues between them.

Mr. Hart drew a large crowd during his protest and many agreed with the information and facts that he stated. It is alleged, that Marpin does not support their local artist and will not pay them.

However, they pay international artist which is unfair and contradicts their saying which is, “we support local”.

He hopes that Marpin gets the message after this protest.

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