Collywood is Coming to Sat Telecommunications

Mr. Collywood

Junior Hart from Collywood, an (independent Production Company)

What began as an exclusive partnership between Marpin Telecoms and Collywood has now turned into a bitter feud.

It is alleged that Collywood agreed to terms and conditions, and other specifications one of which stated, Collywood had to pay Marpin Telecoms for the channel.

However Junior Hart from Collywood, an (independent Production Company) went forward and aired its content on Marpin channel 13, to deliver local programs for one year exclusively.

Allegedly One year later Mr. Hart wanted to renegotiate terms and conditions by making the agreement nonexclusive and charge Marpin for displaying its program on their network.

He further stated that Marpin’s payment would indeed help the financial situation of the production company which has a cast of 99 percent Dominicans.

When asked about the monthly payments that collywood paid to Marpin this is what he had to say.

The Collywood entrepreneur was of the fact that Marpin did not display interest in pleasing its customers, but was more concerned about the money making aspect.

Mr. Hart said that he is on the verge of launching a full protest to expose Marpin and letting their customers know that, they are not advocates for supporting local.

Mr. Hart clearly stated that he want customers to know why Collywood has pulled out from Marpin, however he confirmed that Collywood will be moving to a new network, as soon as the technical aspect has been sorted out.

Efforts to contact Management of Marpin Telecoms proved futile.

  • Blessed One

    I love Collywood programs. I had to keep going around to my friend who has now she have to come to me now ha ha ha. Thanks SAT, I have been waiting for this.

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