Collywood TV Moves to Sat TV’s Channel 114


(right to left) Chief Executive Officer of Collywood TV, Mr. Kevin Hart and Manager of SAT Telecommunications Ltd, Mr. Marlon Alexander

The wait is over for fans and viewers of the popular Collywood TV programs.

These are now available on SAT TV’s channel 114 with the purchase of the Entertainment package.

Chief Executive Officer of Collywood TV, Mr. Kevin Hart says, he always wanted to see his ideas transformed into reality and thanks to SAT Telecommunications for their assistance in doing so.

Managing Director of SAT Telecoms Mr. Marlon Alexander stated, the Company has always been a major supporter of local programming, local artistes and entrepreneurs, and the inclusion of Collywood further amplifies that direction.

Mr. Alexander noted, working with Collywood highlights many positive aspects with their production of local tv shows, and movies, aimed at showcasing local talent.

In response to critics who may argue, Collywood TV should be placed in the basic package and not the Entertainment package, Mr. Alexander had this to say;

The Entertainment package comprises of 13 channels, one of which is; JCTV (Jesus Christ Television). It is a Christian Focused young adult television network owned by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and dedicated to music videos.

Other channels such as; Investigation Discovery a television network owned by Discovery Communications, featuring documentary-style programming that deals with true crime subjects, including criminal investigations, forensics, and other crime-related documentaries.

Syfy features science fiction, drama, supernatural, fantasy, reality, paranormal, wrestling, and horror programming.

The package also includes; ME TV, HSN, CBS PR, TBS, TCC, CFT, Iron Life, Iron Life Plus, Iron TV and Collywood TV.

For more information on this package or any other package, call SAT Telecom’s main office on telephone numbers 448-5095 or 448-5096.

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